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Our CEO and Chief Anthropologist, Rikke Ulk, describes the two big trends that we believe will define 2018. For you, for us and for the world.

1) ‘Love local, reach global’
2) Inclusion and co-creation

Hear about why and how here on Facebook (in Danish) or see the transcript in English below.
Happy New Year!

Video transcript

At Antropologerne we warmly welcome the year 2018! Happy New Year!
We are looking forward to a year where we believe there will be two big tends.

One is, ‘love local, reach global’

This is something that is relevant for you, for us, for the world.
We will orient ourselves more and more towards local places. Communities that provide value, well-being and welfare. We are also going to increasingly become part of the wider world. This is something that we are all experiencing, with news streams etc ..

So, as part of what we do at the global level, we will be working with certain clients to explore brand new markets in Germany and the United States. ‘Love local, reach global’ is also the tagline of our international network of partners. We are one of 20 partners in a network that covers all the continents. We can all go out there and do what we are passionate about; insight and change, deep, high quality user insights.

The other thing that is going to happen isA�inclusion and co-creation

You will experience this in your everyday life, as will your business, your organization, the place where you are employed or the communities you are part of. You will see thatA�inclusion makes a huge difference and that you create better results by making things together, ie co-creating.

Fortunately, we have a lot of projects related to inclusion and co-creation. Everything from municipalities that want to understand practice. To new places like BLOXHUB just here by the waterfront, with whom we are creating a manifesto for all their residents, who want to create sustainable urban development.

We look forward to a year of a whole lot more qualitative analysis, a lot moreA�inclusion and co-creation. And where there is a completely new kind of local-global cohesion and interaction. We are ending 2017 with a refocused profile. We have established a really strong, and fortunately, growing team of anthropologists and ethnologists who will help you and your business A�to shape a great 2018 and a bold futureA�as well asA�to really spread understanding and change far and wide.

Happy New Year and see you out there!

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